About Outpost

Love Jackson Hole Like We Do.

I left a life in New York and career in finance to start Outpost in Jackson Hole.

Like many, my love for this valley came at first sight. The beauty, amenities, and people make it a place you never want to leave. So, I started this company on the premise that we would welcome visitors from all over and help them understand what makes Jackson Hole such a unique and special place.

Outpost started in September of 2014 as a property management company with only four properties. A short nine months later, we partnered with RE/MAX Obsidian to expand our offerings and grew our portfolio to thirty in a matter of only ten months.

But, to stay true to our mission, I wanted to create a booking platform available to any visitors of the valley. Through this service, visitors can browse and book different experiences on their own.

My favorite aspect of building Outpost is the diversity of relationships I’ve been able to develop along the way. This valley holds incredible stories of a diverse group of people that inhabit it. And, we all love it here. Through exciting vacation rentals, genuine local relationships, and inspiring stories, our mission is to help you feel the same way.

As we often say in our Instagram and Facebook campaigns, #ItsWhatWeDoHere.

Outpost in Jackson HoleContact us at thecrew@outpostjh.com or call us at (307) 690-4790.