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Outpost: About the Company

Outpost was incorporated in September of 2014. The company was only meant to service the handful of homes owned by the family of the founder. But, Outpost partnered with RE/MAX Obsidian Real Estate the following Spring and was able to pursue properties of the general public while operating under its broker license.

For the first year with RE/MAX Obsidian, the company explored different strategic paths, taking on homes both within and outside the lodging overlay. It had even considered HOA management for a brief stint. However, it soon became apparent that Outpost’s niche was in the short term, vacation rental market.

Wanting to excel in one particular area, Outpost decided to focus solely on homes that are within the overlay. This strategy has paid off as the company’s reputation among homeowners and real estate agents alike has spread, and they each continue to refer business to the company.

In the three short years that Outpost has been offering services to the general public, the company has seen explosive growth. Starting with 9 properties, Outpost grew this number to 27 the first year, 42 the second year, and 85 the third. Outpost is about to hit the century mark 4 years after it’s inception and 3 and a half years after first offering services to the public. It attributes it’s success to offering the most owner-friendly program. Virtually zero costs, unmatched performance, and exceptional client services set Outpost apart from the rest of the competition.

Outpost is now a vertically integrated company that manages and rents vacation rentals, cleans commercial and residential spaces under O2 Cleaning, and offers real estate photography services as Outpost Media. By developing it’s peripheral businesses, it allows Outpost to offer its homeowners zero-cost services.

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