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Winter Wonderland

Right around this time of year, I would normally be itching for warmer weather. Back East, winters felt cold, long, and just downright gloomy. But, it’s different here: cozy, pretty, and cheerful. For the first time in my life, I find myself accepting winter and therefore not counting down the days until spring.

The snow filled valley and evergreen trees paint a pretty picture just about anywhere you look. Let’s also not forget the numerous activities that become available in the winter months. Skiing, snowshoeing, skating are just some of the things that are readily accessible around town.

I remember trying to head up to Stowe in Vermont some Fridays after work. The trip would take me 6 hours door to door. To put that in perspective, I could have probably have gone to Park City in the same amount of time via air travel.

Winters in New York were tough – so we often limited ourselves to booze, food, and walks. Repeat. It’s a different ball game here with endless adventure and fun. Winter has done right by me and I welcome it to stay for as long as it wants.

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