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We’re Sweet On Mursell’s

A new shop just opened its doors in Gaslight Alley, and it’s as cute as a candy button. Inside the crisp navy and whitewashed exterior evocative of a New England general store, you’ll discover nostalgic treats like Charleston Chews and Necco wafers alongside artisanal sugars, marshmallows, and gourmet gummy bears in an array of bright colors.  

John Frechette and Christian Burch, the duo that brought you MADE and Mountain Dandy, recently opened Mursell’s Sweet Shop which is a reinvention of former shop owner Mursell McLaughlin’s 34 year old tradition. Mursell, who passed away this past spring, previously sold chocolate and artwork in the space. Her wish was for her friends Frechette and Burch to carry on her legacy, which they have managed to do while also infusing the shop with their own vibrant energy and clean aesthetic. Read on for a few of Outpost’s favorite treats… trust us, it was hard to choose.

1) Gourmet Gummy Bears

Colorful gummy bears made from the purest ingredients are trendy, delicious, and practically begging to be plucked from the whitewashed shelves. They work well as little gifts, party favors, or bridal and baby showers, if you can resist eating them yourself! These yummy gummies come in classic monochromatic flavors like cherry and grape, or in a multicolored blend that will make you smile.

 2) Cotton Candy from Sugar and Spun

Cotton candy is a straight-from-the-county-fair classic, but what if you want to save some sweetness for later? Candy manufacturer Sugar and Spun has solved this dilemma by putting cotton candy in convenient to-go tubs. These portable treats come in crazy flavors beyond the traditional pink and blue, like salted chocolate peanut butter, strawberry cheesecake, and habanero pineapple. 


3) Chocolate Covered Ritz Peanut Butter Sandwiches

There are bon bons, truffles, and chocolate-y treats galore under Mursell’s glass case, but this unique little treat is our absolute favorite. Remember those Ritz peanut butter sandwiches you got in your lunch box or as an after school snack when you were a kid? Turns out they’re even better smothered in chocolate. Go figure.

4) Under $1: Rock Candy and Honey Sticks

Mursell’s is keeping candy store tradition alive with sweets you could buy with some loose change you found in the parking lot or under the couch cushion. We are really glad to see cheap retro treats like these alongside the more hip, expensive goods. They add just the right dose of affordability and nostalgia. Sure, honey sticks and rock candy are pure sugar bombs, but isn’t that the point?!

5) Nutella from Persephone Bakery

This isn’t the nutella you’re used to seeing in the grocery store aisle. Our local Persephone Bakery left out the preservatives and reinvented this classic chocolate spread. The possibilities are endless– spread it on toast, spoon it over ice cream, or substitute it for chocolate bars the next time you make s’mores. 

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