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The Wee Hours of the Morning

My older sister once told me that you do your best thinking in the morning. That’s certainly true in my case.

I’ve been busier more than ever these past few months and therefore had to find some extra time to reach my goals. There’s only so much time I spend with my wife and friends so working past 6pm or 7pm wasn’t really an option. I would save that for the occasional night.

Instead, I’ve been cutting into my sleep on the other end, often waking between 3:30AM and 5:00AM – no alarm, but just naturally. There’s this peacefulness to being up that early in the morning. Having those 4 to 5 extra hours to work before anyone gets in has me focused, and extremely productive.

It’s not a forever thing. But, it’s working for now. Hopefully I’ll be in a situation in the spring and summer where I can take some time off to catch up on some sleep.

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