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Snowshoeing to the Moulton Barn

We’ve had some snowshoes sitting in the garage for some time now. We’d tell ourselves weekend after weekend we’d go to the iconic Moulton barn or explore in Grand Teton National Park, but it never ended up happening until yesterday.

If you’ve never done it, it’s easy and fun. Not to mention it was somewhat of a leg workout, but that could be because I was doing it completely wrong!

The road leading to Mormon Row is fully accessible by car until the winter months. Once the snow starts coming down, they stop plowing after a certain point. We arrived at the “parking area” at around 4pm and started making our way out to the barn.

I’d say it takes about 30 minutes each way if you are stopping from time to time.

Apart from one or two cross country skiers, we were the only ones there. And, we were the only ones to attempt the trek to the barn after this blizzard by the looks of the fresh snow.

Scout struggled a bit, but had fun nonetheless. She was exhausted when we returned, into the night and the next morning.

It was a fantastic experience and it has made us want to go check out new places in the weekends to come.

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