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No Power? No Problem!

Five awesome things to do during the power outage

A few weeks ago, the old-timers around town kept reminding us that this is how Jackson Hole winters used to be: snow heaped high along the sides of roads, fluffy piles tucked into every spare corner town had to offer. But since then, even the most grizzled longtime residents have been surprised by the intensity of the season.

2017 is certain to live on as legend in the minds of locals – the winter that just won’t quit!

One powerful storm after the next has dumped mountains of snow on the town, the ski resorts, and the wilderness that surrounds it all. And this week, it all feels particularly “Wild West” as a wind storm downed seventeen power poles, causing a massive power outage at Teton Village and forcing an unprecedented closure of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the week.

But don’t think for a moment that means your time in Jackson will lack for excitement. Plenty of adventures await – no electricity required!

Fat Biking


If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to explore wintertime in Jackson Hole, a fat bike is just the adventure you’re craving. Hit some snow-covered trails and experience the beauty and thrills of the Wyoming winter under your own pedal power. Lots of fun for all ages!



How did the pioneers get around during the snowiest months in Jackson Hole? Snowshoes, of course!  This is the perfect chance to get a unique view of the Tetons in winter as you enjoy a peaceful snowshoe trip in Grand Teton National Park. This winter wonderland offers amazing views of wildlife, mountains and icy rivers and streams. Let your guide share the ecology, history and geology of the area – not a whit of electricity necessary. 

Cross-country Skiing


Just because the mountain is closed doesn’t mean you can’t explore Jackson’s snowy paradise on skis! Clip into a pair cross-country skis and glide through the shadow of the Tetons Nordic style. Keep your eyes open for glimpses of wildlife, and don’t forget your camera – these are some views you’ll want to keep revisiting long after your vacation is over.



Craving high speed powdery thrills? A breathtaking ride into the wilds of Yellowstone? Or perhaps a wintertime soak in a hot spring? Take your pick from the huge array of snowmobiling options around Jackson Hole. Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it.

Wildlife Tours


Check out how Jackson’s wildest locals spend the winter! From the comfort of a heated van, let a seasoned guide take you on an expedition to see some of the amazing species that call the Tetons home. Look for wolves, coyotes, moose, bighorn sheep and more with a guide who knows all the best spots.

And these are just a few of the exiting options that await, despite the wild weather! Let us help you get some truly unforgettable activities lined up. Head on over to the website to book whatever you’re looking for: a food tour of downtown Jackson, a breathtaking snowcoach tour of Yellowstone, a dogsled adventure or maybe a relaxing afternoon massage. If you’ve got questions, or aren’t sure what to pick, give us a shout at 307.690.4790! 

All that’s left to do is decide how you’re going to get out there and enjoy the most legendary winter we’ve seen in decades!


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