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My Happily Ever After

Wyoming is one of the most beautiful places one can get married. Rain or shine, the landscape is dramatic and absolutely stunning.

I married Jane on August 8th of last year at Lost Creek Ranch. The weather was definitely the ultimate variable.

It had drizzled all morning and we thought it would be bearable should it remain that way throughout the day. But, the clouds really let it pour around noon and I can only imagine what was going through my bride’s mind.

She insisted on having it outside and thankfully so. Right as she came off the bus, the skies opened up, rays of sunshine lit the aisle and down she came as beautiful as ever. You honestly couldn’t have written a better story.

A HUGE shoutout to Elizabeth Kelleher, our wedding planner. The perfect combination of poise and rigor.

To read more about Wyoming weddings, check out this article published by our friends over at Wyoming Magazine: Most Beautiful Places to Get Married in Wyoming.

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