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My friend and mentor: Taylor Glenn

Moving to Jackson Hole was more of a process than an instant decision. It took me years. I first had to get into the mindset, then convince my now-wife, followed by developing a plan to make ends meet in JH, and then finally quit my job and make the move.

Taylor got me into that mindset. He posted surreal photos all about his life in Jackson Hole with concise captions followed by hashtags like “#ItsWhatWeDoHere” or “#OnAssignment.” I wanted his life.

Flash forward two and a half years and here I am now, working alongside him in our office at 70 S King Street. He’s a high-energy guy with a go-getter attitude. For the past year and a half I’ve been here, he’s been more than just a friend and business partner. He’s been my mentor.

Taylor showed me the ropes and continues to guide me in the right direction. We’re lucky to have Taylor as part of the team. Extremely, so.

His voice echoes through everything we do. I even see it in my own writing — it’s evolved over the past couple of years for the better and I have him to thank.

And, as for our Instagram… he may not know it, but he inspired its direction. We pump out the Jackson Hole lifestyle for those people who are yearning to be back in the place they love most. And, for the people already in JH… put stuff out there to inspire them to do something different. At least that’s the goal, and it seems to be working to some extent. We got this comment yesterday on our Instagram and it was really heart-warming to know people appreciate what we are doing:

Giving you a shoutout–your blog/Instagram helped fuel my desire to move to Jackson and leave my career as an attorney in CA. Seeing that you left a successful career yourself to start a new journey was reassuring. Thanks for sharing the Jackson Hole experience with all of us who aren’t able to be there in person. There truly is something magical happening there.

Thank you Amy (@amyrothermel). To hear that really made me smile.

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