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My Account of What Happened in St Barts

As some of you already know, my name is Mekki Jaidi. I don’t consider myself to be a “photographer” by any means. I’m just a guy who read a book on photography, picked up a DSLR around Christmas of 2015, and started photographing — mainly nature and my beautiful wife, Jane.

Instead, I run Outpost, a vacation rental and tech company in Jackson Hole that gives visitors of the valley the best guest experience.

Contrary to public belief, I am not a risk taker. Actually, I’m quite the opposite. I ski seldomly in fear of blowing out a knee and I’ll shy away from less frequented hiking trails because of my insane fear of bears.

I also know what risk is. I was a former currency options (derivatives) trader at RBS and graduated Columbia University’s school of Engineering with a near 4.0 GPA studying risk, probabilities, etc.

It had been my third time on the island of St Barts. On numerous occasions I had seen people park their cars or stand exactly where I was standing trying to experience the thrill of low flying planes landing into the airport. In fact, I was not alone when I was capturing the shot. My wife was to the left of me, and to her left were two scooters, and of course, there was the videographer.

This was an anomaly. The plane was approaching far too low. Given I was looking through a viewfinder, it was hard to assess exactly how low. This had been the pilot’s second attempt at landing this (non-commercial) plane, which resulted in a aborted landing and therefore a third and final attempt.

In the end, I’m still here. Would I do this again? Perhaps from a different angle, but certainly not in the approach path of these planes.

Instagram: @mekki.jaidi

In case you haven’t seen it:

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Simple Analogy: Imagine vehicles driving and pedestrians walking on a bridge outside the boundary of JFK International Airport — a public road. Let’s say a plane got too low and clipped both vehicles and pedestrians. Would you fault the pilot or would you fault the cars and people who the bridge was meant for?

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