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Market Update ??

Many of you have been asking for a continued series on the market. I would love to keep posting something consistent, but it will be at least a couple weeks until I can do so. You see, it’s easy to stay on top of the global economic activity and trends when you have risk tied into the market.

Currently, I no longer trade for my own personal account. However, I should make a point to continue to follow the markets.

I had always at least followed the Non-Farm Payrolls release religiously. I checked the usually round of sites this morning and was surprised that I had missed it. In fact, I actually wasn’t even sure what day of the week today was!

The one thing I would like to point out is how low the US 10Y is: 1.87%!? Guys. The Fed had raised rates, is expected to continue to do so a few more times this year, and the 10Y is the lowest it has been since the “flash crash” or “capitulation” that happened during the Ebola scare. Well, should the economy still be as strong as I think it is, housing demand will be up this spring even with prices continuing to climb.

Think about it… lower mortgage rates, more people with jobs, and equally as important, current people with jobs are seeing an increase in their average hourly wage. C’mon the US! ??

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