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Lady Luck is on My Side

Fate is a funny thing.

I consider myself to be an extremely hard working individual. On most days, I am up between 3am and 5am to get a head start on the workday. I typically round the day out between 5:30pm and 6:00pm.

Sure, I could work later, but I make the choice to wake up early and go home at a reasonable hour because I cherish the quality time I have with my wife.

But, I digress.

Someone once told me that success is in large part attributed to the will power you put forth to accomplish your goals. And that’s about true for any definition of “success.” But, hard work is not 100% of the story. Luck has a large role in how outcomes play out.

I consider myself to be an extremely lucky person. Perhaps it’s just my optimistic personality. But, I like to think of it in the following way: if you do right by people, stick to your morals, accept and forgive, then fate is on your side – take chances and let luck kick in.

I don’t have a plan for everything. I leave a lot to chance and, up to now, fate has been more than just kind to me.

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