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5 Must-Have Items for Fall from Jackson Hole’s own Mountain Dandy

The aspen trees along Moose Wilson road have begun to turn a rich, vivid yellow, the afternoons usher in welcome autumn showers and earlier evenings, and there is a cheerful nip in the air. As the weather turns colder, take a stroll around Town Square and pop into Mountain Dandy to peruse some beautiful fall items that will make the transition from summer delightfully chic.

Mountain Dandy, the brother store of Made, is a gentleman’s shop that appeals to both sexes for its timeless, stylish, high quality wares. Owners Christian Burch and John Frechette curate collections of new and vintage home goods at their showroom location on Pearl Street, and their original location in Gaslight Alley houses smaller trinkets, gift items, apparel, and more. You won’t find any tired mainstream items at this store, and the shop’s manifesto is “handmade in America.” Christian and John regularly tour the country in a van, where they discover small town artists and find one of kind vintage pieces by sorting through estate sales, vintage shops, and flea markets. They are also very open to suggestions of what and who to carry, and enjoy serving as a platform for smaller artists to make a name for themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a one of a kind gift, or want to treat yourself to an autumn item you will keep for years to come, let me hook you up with 5 ridiculously rad pieces that will usher in the season of crunchy aspen leaves, fiery sunsets, bugling elk, and fireside company.

The Aviator Mug

This Mason jar mug is hip by design and features a leather sleeve, an eco conscious alternative to the disposable coffee cup. As colder temperatures roll in, frozen drinks are off the menu and a warm cuppa sounds just about right. The sleeve slips right off for dishwashing, and the leathery smell will make you wish you were riding your horse, listening to the crunch of leaves and the flow of a slow moving stream. This item can be found at the Mountain Dandy store in Gaslight Alley and retails at $30.

Wooden Serving Board

As the weather gets cooler, summer BBQ’s are traded in for wine nights at home in front of the wood burning stove. This gorgeous cutting board is perfect for serving up cheese and crackers, and will look beautiful on your kitchen countertop when it’s not in use. Cool autumn evenings, we are ready for you. This item retails at $92 and can be found at the Mountain Dandy showroom on Pearl Street. 

Vintage Throw Blanket

You know that t-shirt you’ve had since high school, the one that is so worn and comfortable you can’t help but reach for it? This amazing blanket is made out of them. You can throw it in the washing machine, and over time this blanket grows even softer, just like your favorite shirt. This blanket is the perfect item for fall campouts, community events, and just lounging at home. Our favorite is the blanket with the Wyoming flag design, which also makes an excellent gift. This item can be found at the Mountain Dandy store in Gaslight Alley and retails at $166.

The Bergamot and Teak Candle

Perhaps the best quick and easy gift item in the lineup, this candle has a long burn time and fills the air with earthy, woodsy, autumn goodness. Plus, this candle is an epic up cycle- when you’re done burning the candle, wash the glass out and boom- you’ve got a whiskey glass. Candles and whiskey- because two is better than one. This item can be found at the Mountain Dandy store in Gaslight Alley and retails at $30.

 Velvet Sleeping Pallet

Fall Camping is a little snugglier than it’s summer counterpart, and there is no better way to relax after a good hike than on this comfortable bedroll. This item is no average sleeping pad, and is so beautiful you will probably want to lay it over your own bed at home.  The sleeping pallet comes in linen as well as the soft velvet, and is also perfect floor seating for movie nights and get-togethers. This item retails at $375 and can be found at the Mountain Dandy showroom on Pearl Street.

We think this roundup of excitement-worthy items speaks perfectly to the small town Western vibe of Jackson Hole and of this underrated, insanely wonderful time of year. The perfect gift, trinket, or addition to your home is waiting for you at Mountain Dandy, so nab a token of autumn in Jackson Hole and savor the season.


 Browse the unique and stylish offerings of Mountain Dandy at the Gaslight Alley location at 125 N. Cache or at the new Showroom on Pearl Street. If you’re not in the neighborhood, discover Mountain Dandy’s chic collection online

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