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I’ve been very unclear as to what Outpost does, only describing our business genre to fall under “lifestyle.” The reason behind the ambiguity is that we are working on a new project that we hope will transform a certain industry here in Jackson Hole – other destinations thereafter.

I only mention it now because we may have a position open for hire. It’s an entry-level to mid-level position that has the potential for an accelerated path to leadership. We are looking for a confident individual with adept analytical and writing skills. Most importantly, said person would need to have an outgoing personality and be able to match my energy.

You would be working alongside me to launch and carry out the daily operations of the product. This full-time position is by no means an easy role, but it will certainly be one in which you learn a tremendous amount.

Outpost is headed into the tech-space. More details will spill over the course of the next month.


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