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#ItsWhatWeDoHere: Our Explanation

The origin of #ItsWhatWeDoHere dates further back than Outpost itself, but it helped shape the voice and image of the company.

It’s meant to encapsulate everything that is Jackson Hole: a tribute to life here as its inhabitants would experience it.

I say it over and over again, but this place is exceptional. The beauty, the lifestyle, the amenities, the culture, and – most importantly – the people make Jackson Hole what it is.

#ItsWhatWeDoHere is not meant to be exclusive in any way, nor is it meant to take anything away from anyone. That’s extremely vague, I know.

What I am trying to say is that #ItsWhatWeDoHere should bring everyone in this valley together to celebrate the uniqueness of Jackson Hole. More specifically a lens through which visitors can grasp what life here is all about.

Social media has helped us accomplish that goal – that phrase seems to have stuck with many here in the valley and as a result outsiders looking in can view a collection of what exactly it means to the people of Jackson Hole.

Whether you’ve been here for ages or just moved here, this phrase is meant to make you feel like you are a part of something bigger: a community that realizes that life here is special and therefore greater than any one individual.

Outpost was built around this vision: people do not come here to stay in a beautiful villa. They come here to experience the life that is Jackson Hole.

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