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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Donuts

Nom Nom Doughnuts has a loyal following, and it’s not hard to see why

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to Jackson’s latest dessert craze. Meet Nom Nom donuts, purveyor of simple Americana sweetness, the everyman’s dessert shop on wheels with a well deserved cult following. Melissa Mattson is the woman with serious business acumen behind the adorable airstream trailer’s window, and she is a tiny, energetic, devious dessert genius.

“I make fun, happy snacks… I enjoy making them,” Melissa tells us.  Melissa grew up in Bend, Oregon, where she soaked in the eclectic Pacific Northwest food truck scene.  After moving to Jackson, Melissa noticed the food truck culture hadn’t quite reached our little mountain town, so she decided to seize the opportunity to enter this niche and undoubtedly cool market. Pastry, and particularly donuts, appealed to Melissa as an outlet for her culinary creativity. So, she set out to provide the valley with sweet treats, and began looking for an old airstream trailer in need of a little TLC.

Melissa loves “the eclectic, artsy look of an airstream,” which suits her own personality and complements her quirky donut flavors. To turn the worn down, well loved old trailer she found on Craigslist into her current glimmering kitchen on wheels, Melissa solicited a little help from three friends: Kevin, Google, and YouTube.  With #VanLife trending on her Instagram, she completely restored its exterior and gutted and rebuilt the interior.  Now a self made master of the power drill, Melissa has restored a second airstream completely solo.

Nom Nom’s entire production takes place in the larger, original vehicle (think commercial mixers, butcher block tables, and fryers, all in an extremely confined space) and the smaller one can be found selling happy bites at JH Live, the Farmer’s Market, and other community events. Additionally, Nom Nom can be booked for private catering, and provides the mot deliciously awesome delivery service in the Valley, serving up made to order donuts 7 days a week to your home or office.

Monday morning is just better when enjoyed with a maple bacon donut made with real Vermont maple syrup and candied bacon. Be warned, the classic birthday cake donut’s kitschy sprinkles might turn the fussiest dessert traditionalist into a finger licking, frosting-covered kid again. Relish the apple fritter, share the huckleberry donut holes with the whole family, and look out for seasonal additions like Melissa’s favorite creation- a cake doughnut with lemon zest glaze and fresh Teton blueberries.

Melissa is a mountain biker and snowboarder when she is not covered in dough, and she dreams of expanding the food truck culture in Jackson, introducing locals and visitors alike to a lovably offbeat culinary scene that is mobile, versatile, and outright fun.  The old Shakespearean adage holds true when it comes to Melissa, her airstream, and her outstanding donuts: “though she be but little, she is fierce.”


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