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Flying too Low in St Barths

In light of public debate, I wanted to present a photo I took on April 2, 2016 (pictured above) — 4 days prior to the incident that’s now going viral.

Comparing the image above to the one below, I noticed a few takeaways:

1. The height of the commercial plane (pictured above) is much higher than the plane that had “tagged” me.

2. The commercial plane is more centered over the traffic circle.

3. If you zoom in to the photo above, you’ll notice a couple standing a few feet from where I had actually been standing myself. You can use the sign that appears to the right of the couple in the photo above and also my right on the photo below as a point of comparison.

Now, take a look at the photo above and picture how low that plane must have been to the street for it to not only to “tag” me, but to also hit that aforementioned sign. The sign lies a few feet to the right of me. I was definitely a near miss, but so was that sign. Friends, he’s too low.


The above is a screenshot of the video taken by videographer, Sebastien Politano. The video was taken April 6, 2016.


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