Vacation Rentals in Jackson Hole

Come Fly With Me…

Let’s be honest – flying can be nervy for anyone. So, why pay to go on a scenic flight?

I’d asked myself that question and could not come up with an answer. But that was before I got to experience it firsthand for work.

For those of you who may not know, I work at a property management company in town called Outpost. Among other things, I’m responsible for guest relations. I connect our guests with local businesses in town and make recommendations for their trips. Hence why I get invited to explore many of the different activities and experiences this great town has to offer.

But, I digress! Fly Jackson Hole was an amazing experience. Seeing the town I spent almost my entire life in from a different perspective was incredible. I loved flying over our family ranch. Or even just the Elk Refuge. I was able to point out where my father regulates the flow of irrigation for many of the ranches in town. I didn’t think I’d be excited about it, but for some reason I was. 

You just can’t get those views on the plane out of town to Salt Lake, or wherever. It’s different.

It was quite the experience. And, for me, just a casual day in the office.

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