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Boogie Down and Eat Local

at the Jackson Winter People’s Market

There’s nothing like a Saturday at a farmer’s market in the summer, but what about winter? Here in Jackson, the Winter People’s Market is how we do local food throughout the colder months. It’s a must visit — you’ll get your first sweet smells before you even walk in from the hot food stand where Artisan Melt cooks up grilled cheese and other comfort food, then you’re likely to be greeted with live music from a tiny stage when you get inside. Don’t be shy — jump in to a homegrown dance floor and bust a move if you’re feeling it.

Graze along the tables to get your fix — be it delicious ready-made food after a ski at Snow King, or fill up your shopping bags (bring your own, this is a no-waste event) with everything from Rosemary and Thyme Creamery’s cut-to-order cheese to Cosmic Apple Farm’s happy chicken eggs and seasonal produce to Purely By Chance Farm’s non-GMO sausages and brats (and full chickens). Strike up a conversation and you’ll learn just how local this food is; it’s well worth getting the play-by-play process each of the vendors use in their products.

Like any good farmer’s market, go in hungry so you can sample ev-er-y-thing. One of my favorite activities on earth, free sampling is like Christmas all year round, and do not — I repeat, do not — skip out on the condiments. Browse your taste buds through sweet mustard with a kick to all-things-sauerkraut, and I don’t recommend forgoing the CBD (or non-CBD) cookies for the betterment of your health and self, frozen in a resealable bag so you can attempt to not eat a whole batch in one sitting (good luck). You’ll want to wash everything down with something to drink — check out the locally made kombucha or have a cup of Alpine Air’s organic small batch coffee (and chat up the owners about how they got from New Zealand to Jackson). For those of us who enjoy a little kick, head on over to JH Stillworks and grab some of their vodka or gin for the night ahead — and get the full distillation lowdown from owners Travis and Chas.


The market isn’t just about food — you’ll also be able to browse jewelry, handmade clothing, essential oils, and art — all the staples of your classic farmer’s market. And if you’re not too full, you’ve got to try one of Glory Bowl’s soups — or sign up for a “soupscription” that gets you a hot delivery every Wednesday.

We’re barely scratching the surface here, so be sure to check out the slow food website for the next opportunity to hit up the market (it runs every other Saturday). We promise you’ll leave with a cozy belly and the heart of the community in your back pocket.

Pictured above: Patrick Chadwick & Lucas Nash. Hear their tunes by following this link.


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