Vacation Rentals in Jackson Hole

Back to Work

The shot above was taken today. Heavy fog lingered in town, but the outskirts was filled with beautiful light. Life’s to short for too much rest and sleep, so get up, and get after it! ?

For many, offseason is a time to unplug from work and relax. But, as my wife knows all to well, I can’t stop working – even on vacation. I use the time to reflect, reassess, and advance.

My team runs in the same fashion. We rethink operations and strategies, we discuss opportunities new and old, and, most importantly, we work hard and efficiently. We throw the concept of “face time” out the window – if it’s a nice day and we have completed all our objectives for the day or week, we’ll call it.

So, this time of a year is great for us to experiment with and then implement our new ideas for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. It’s going to be a busy one and we certainly will leave no stone unturned in our expedition to make a mark with our new system.

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