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Back at it Again!

Please pardon the previous interruption in The Chronicles since the launch of our new platform. Simply put, I was extremely busy.

It hasn’t become any lighter now, but I’ve just adapted. My routine had changed and therefore I needed to reorganize and become accustomed to the new schedule with the launch of the second business.

For a while I thought I wouldn’t bring it back. But, to my surprise, many of you had expressed interest in seeing it continue that I was convinced otherwise. Then it became a matter of finding the right place for it to live under – I struggled with that one.

The thought process was as follows: we already had a portion of the site dedicated to the lifestyle of Jackson Hole: “Journal.” If we had another section that was similar, but more personal under “Blog,” we felt that would be confusing from a user experience standpoint.

So, we decided it would be best to leave it off the main navigation of the site and just have it connect to my personal (and sometimes business) Instagram. This separation allows for an even deeper personal connection – my life in Jackson Hole, behind the scenes at Outpost HQ, etc.

My goal is that you, as followers, can have a more in-depth view of the people I meet, the places I come across, and the culture I’ve grown accustomed to here in Jackson Hole. That holds whether you live far across the country and just miss Jackson Hole, or are my neighbor and find you’re a little curious.

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