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An Impromptu Visit to SF

I haven’t seen my brother since I got married last August. He’s younger by two years but we’ve always been close. We’ve gone to the same schools and been on the same soccer team since practically preschool – that even includes college. So to not see him for 8 months is a long time in our books.

The beauty of my job is the amount of work I can get done remotely. All of this, of course, made possibly by the remarkable team I have on the ground. When traveling, I take the opportunity to rake through the data, analyze it, and readjust strategy as needed. With our enhanced communication system, I can discuss with my team as if I were sitting right alongside them, and they can then take the necessary course of action.

I guess my point is, this trip would never have been possible should I a) still work in finance where we were awarded 20 days of vacation a year and b) didn’t have such a reliable team back home. Of course, to further touch on point a), it was frowned upon to take most of your allotted time off.

So, here I am, on the Gulf one week, the Caribbean the next, and the Pacific the week after all while still working at least a forty hour work week. Cheers to the modern day marvels that allow such flexibility – and of course my team!

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