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A Small, But Food Rich Town

I’m not going to lie. I sure miss eating my fair share of lobster. It was always readily available back East. But, for such a small town, Jackson Hole has an array of dining options that almost always satisfy my appetite.

New York was great in the sense that if you have a craving, chances are you will find a place to satisfy it – no matter the time nor the day. I mean, maybe not Ethiopian at 2am, but a steak… why not?

I remember often waking up at 2am in college either starving or just needing to put something in my stomach for some food coma to kick in. So naturally, I got out of bed, walked two blocks, and had many options to choose from. But, don’t do this. It was sketchy walking down the streets of Morningside Heights at 2am in the morning.

The point being, everything was at your disposal. What do I miss the most? Peking Duck. It would make sense to have a Chinese restaurant that was at the same caliber of The Indian in this town – but we’ll save that conversation for a different day.

As Bree pointed out the other day, you can find those pockets of delicious escapes that immediately make you feel like you are once again in a big city:

“For a landlocked Wyoming town, Jackson has a lot of culture to offer. I like to go places like Picnic or Figs to feel a little cultured, as I am generally covered in dirt and don’t shower enough.”

You have to love Bree’s honesty. But, I digress.

She’s right: most restaurants around here have evolved to cater to both Jackson inhabitants and tourists. The latter of which come from big cities across the US where they expect a certain level of service and food.

Picnic reminds Bree of a café in San Francisco. She often sits at the bar by the window with her computer on the desk, coffee in hand, and spends time fielding emails or doing some personal writing. And, on occasion, she’ll order the Salmon toast.

With amenities like these, it’s easy to forget that the closest “big” city is a four and a half hour drive away.


You can read more about Bree in the coming days, but in the meantime, also check out her own personal blog: Or, read the rest of my chronicles at

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